Monday, 1 October 2012

Calling all European Authors!

I've always tried to do my bit for other authors, both here on my blog and over on the KDP boards (where I'm maybe too prolific for my own good). Over the last year and a half I've learnt more than I can ever remember from authors who've been there, done that and bought the T-shirt before my authorial aspirations were anything more than pipe dreams. I am a firm believer in standing on the shoulders of giants, and passing good advice back down the line.

In that spirit, I've been asked to co-moderate a new group on Goodreads, aimed specifically at non-US writers struggling with marketing to an audience 5,000 miles, several timezones and sometimes (it seems) a whole other world away. I therefore proudly introduce the European Writers' Group.

We're obviously a brand new group, with a relatively small membership. Not saying we're getting sick of the sight of each other just yet, but to stand on the shoulders of giants, well, you need enough giants to support you. So whether you're a total newbie just dipping your little toe in the muddy waters of self-publishing, or a behemoth of the industry with 50 years of traditional deals behind you, welcome!

This is a place to discuss anything and everything about writing, and in specific the challenges (and pitfalls) of wooing the US market. We encourage writers of all genres, all backgrounds and all nations (US authors who write Eurocentric novels are equally welcome!).

So if you want some help, some advice, somewhere to banter or to discuss the nuances of "bum" vs "fanny", then feel free to stop on by. The EWG eagerly awaits...

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  1. Great idea Kate. I've joined the group and look forward to sharing thoughts with all the other interested parties.



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